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  • The most marginal to buying a car from the United States. May 2020

    The most marginal to buying a car from the United States. May 2020

    With this article, we begin the section with the most marginal cars according to our observations and the observations of our dealers.

    By marginality we mean the difference in the price of a finished car in the USA and its value in the secondary market. Important! We only consider liquid cars - which sell quickly. Options in the style of Lincoln Navigator, we do not look. Also, I specifically did not take into account the auto category “25+”, because the prices there are very unstable and yet cars in this budget are not so often found in the city.
    And so we begin our small rating:
    1. Acura MDX 2016-2020 - both restyling and dorestyling have stable demand and at the same time allow you to earn from 3 to 9 thousand dollars with a repeated sale. Doreystyle 16-17 years stably trading above 20 thousand in the Kiev market. In the suburb, such a car costs from 16.5 thousand.

    2. KIA Optima 2014-2017 restyling in a good configuration will consistently allow you to earn 2-3 thousand. It costs about 10k to repair. and is sold in the corridor of 12-15 thousand.

    3. Audi Q5 - 2014-2016 - with a successful option, you can invest in 12-13 thousand with repair, such cars are sold for 15-18 thousand.

    4. Hyundai Sonata 2015-2017 the initial data is similar to optima, but in practice the margin is slightly lower and the running configurations are just basic and average (the sonata audience is usually older than the optima and the price + year of release is more important for them)

    5. BMW 3 2015-2017 restyled version of the 3-ki in any configuration will allow you to easily earn 2-5 thousand dollars. The margin is supported by cheapness and the availability of body parts, while we really do not recommend taking any BMW cars in which something is touched on the chassis, motor, etc. any unit, pump, tube can cost as much as a headlight or hood, therefore it is preferable to take lots with body repair.

    6. Kia sorento 2016+ the latest Sorento body, besides being in stable demand, it also allows you to earn good margin when driving. According to our observations, the average margin ranges from 3 to 5 thousand.

    7-10. Jeep - one of the favorites in choosing an all-wheel drive crossover in a decent configuration and a modest budget. Several models of this brand deserve attention at once.

    - Renegade - the newest model in the Jeep line - a youth-oriented car with bright colors and modern equipment is very cheap to buy in the USA - for about 3 thousand you can buy a very good option. stock of value will be 2-4 thousand
    - Compass, Patriot 2014-2017 - one of the cheapest all-wheel drive cars for the drive from the usa. With a purchase price of up to 2.5 thousand, they will allow you to save \ earn up to 3 thousand dollars.
    - Cherokee - Something between a brutal compass and a patriot and a “hipster” Renegad. The average purchase price in the corridor is 2-2.5 thousand. turnkey can be invested in 10-11 K. at retail prices of 15+ in our market.

    With this, our May article comes to an end, I think that in 2-3 months we will add new cars, or adjust the current list.
    I will say that this list is subjective and based on our personal experience and the experience of our dealers. Many cars were not included in this list due to insufficient sampling (for example, 1-2 such cars were bought or there was no data on the sale / repair).

    Thank you all for reading! Regards, Denis, Team.



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